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14,000 metres renovated with ULMA Ventilated Facades

Nov 05, 2012
4 blocks of housing located in the fontsanta square of the barcelona town of cornella de llobregat have been renovated.

The project was the social promotion initiative of the Cornella town hall, through PROCORNELLA (municipal company for the Social, urban and economic promotion of Corbella), with the aim of improving the area.

The 4 buildings had serious humidity and condensation problems, therefore the 350 neighbours were searching for improvement in the quality and comfort of their houses and the results of professional insulation.

The differentiating value provide by ULMA to this project was fundamental:

1. Flexibility. Adaptations of panel shapes and colours have been made to adapt them to the new desired image of the buildings.

2. Complete solution.  The different building phases and the different skills involved in the project have been fully coordinated.

3. Speed of supply. The materials with personalised formats were delivered in record time.

4. Speed of execution.  We have to highlight that this renovation, with considerable dimensions, has been executed in only 8 months.  1,750 sqm/month average, which is very outstanding...

In addition, one of the objectives of the project was to execute all the work from the outside, that way avoiding any activity from inside the houses, where the occupants have remained during the complete construction process.  This is a key point for the comfort of the community of neighbours.