ULMA Construction

Poland's longest span with successive cantilever technology

Feb 22, 2023

The new bridge over the Dunajec River is part of the construction of the link between the A4 motorway in Wierzchosławice and the SAG industrial area in Tarnów, Poland.

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Restoration of the Vasco da Gama cable-stayed bridge, Lisbon

Feb 08, 2023

The Vasco da Gama Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Tagus River connecting the municipality of Alcochete with Lisbon, Portugal. At over 17.3 km, it is the second longest bridge in the European Union.

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Architectural concrete finishes in downtown Belo Horizonte

Jan 18, 2023

The 'Catedral Cristo Rei' is under construction in Belo Horizonte and, when completed, will be the new headquarters of the Catholic Church in the city. The project, one of the last designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer between 2006 and 2010, will be a landmark building in the city.

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New cut-and-cover tunnel with ULMA

Dec 16, 2022

The S3 motorway construction project comprises a new road tunnel (TS-32), around 320 m long, on the Legnica-Lubawka stretch near Gostków, Poland. The structure, which consists of two galleries, was built using the cut-and-cover tunnel construction method. Each will have two 3.5 m wide lanes plus a 2.5 m wide emergency lane.

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ATR, RKS and HWS systems key in the construction of 6 towers in Gibraltar

Nov 18, 2022

HCT Gibraltar is a project with 665 state-subsidised properties developed and promoted by the Government of Gibraltar, the largest residential construction underway now and in the years to come.

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Smart products: latest technology to offer the best service to customers

Sep 21, 2022

The digital tools that we are developing at ULMA add intelligence to our products and, in this case, to our scaffolding ranges: BRIO and DORPA. We use the latest technology to improve internal processes, allowing us to offer the best possible service to customers

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The MBP protection system ensures safety in the construction of a 'Smart city' in Bergamo

Sep 07, 2022

The first Smart City project has been launched in Bergamo, regenerating 150,000 m² of one area in the city. ULMA, in addition to offering shoring and formwork solutions, has guaranteed safety throughout the entire process.

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REVIT® Design: Cebu-Cordova link expressway, 3D technical solution

Aug 30, 2022

One of the largest infrastructure projects carried out in the Philippines. The bridge consists of two octagonal pylons, variable on all sides and 150 metres high.

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Large amount of equipment for the construction of Portugal's first high-speed railway section

Jul 22, 2022

Within the National Railway Plan, the 80-km Évora-Elvas line will become the first high-speed section of a line in Portugal, used to transport freight and passengers.

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Presence on the site was the key to success in the construction of offshore platforms in Mexico

Jul 08, 2022

The EK-BALAM oil field, located off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, will be increasing its production capacity with a new offshore platform called BALAM-TA2. The structure is being constructed in two parts, in the ESEASA Offshore yard.

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Barcelona’s new Transportation Hub

Jun 24, 2022

The new Sagrera Station is the most important infrastructure development to be built in Barcelona since the Olympic Games. The station will be the largest building in the city and the second largest in the metropolitan area, after T1 at El Prat Airport, and will be the biggest urban transformation the city has seen in recent decades.

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H-33 Truss, modular and load-bearing solution in the construction of two bridges in Kraków

Jun 10, 2022

Two new bridges over the Vistula are under construction in Kraków: the M1 and M3. The first will be used by long-distance trains and the second by local trains. The separation of long-distance and local traffic will improve the passage of trains through the area considerably, allowing for an increase in service coverage, shortened journey times, and enhanced passenger comfort and safety.

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HWS formwork ensures construction safety at the Mirabella complex, Canada

May 26, 2022

Located at 1926 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto, the Mirabella Luxury Condominiums is a two-tower community that offers a premium location, situated across from Sunnyside Park on the shores of Lake Ontario, with stunning views of the City of Toronto skyline and north views to High Park.

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High quality fair-faced concrete with ULMA formwork

Mar 25, 2022

One of the requirements of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art project was to achieve a high quality of the concrete surface. So, ULMA has provided solutions to obtain excellent concrete finishes. For example, for the construction of walls and columns, the VMK formwork was used.

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New tower in the centre of Lima, Peru

Mar 11, 2022

Torre República is the second building of the emblematic Capital Centre project located in the financial centre of San Isidro in Lima, Peru.

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Big news today!

Feb 25, 2022

We have just published the Construction Book, which highlights some of our most noteworthy projects of the last few years. We have updated our image, our slogan, and our graphic design, though our essence is still the same: our customer, remain the protagonist.

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The tallest building in the Brooklyn skyline

Sep 24, 2021

9 Dekalb Ave is a 73 storey tower standing at 325 m, making it the tallest building in Brooklyn. The skyscraper is planned to have over 500 residential units in addition to commercial space.

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Tailor-made scaffolding solutions for the restoration of the Sanctuary of Lourdes

Jun 22, 2021

During the restoration work on the bell tower of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, known as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France, safety and the constant flow of pilgrims determined the work processes involved. Thus, a foot-traffic management system was necessary during the erection phase of the BRIO scaffolding.

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ULMA formwork for large-scale infrastructure in the Philippines

Jun 03, 2021

The Cebu Cordova Link Expressway is Cebu's most anticipated infrastructure project and one of the largest in the Philippines. It aims to alleviate the heavy traffic between Cordova, the capital of Cebu Island and the second largest city in the Philippines, and Mactan.

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MK Shoring System demonstrates its high load-bearing capacity in the construction of the Waste Conversion Plant in Pavia.

Apr 22, 2021

ULMA provided comprehensive engineering support, cost reduction, and high levels of quality and safety in the construction of the A2A Waste-to-Energy Plan project in Pavia, Italy.

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