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Uzbekistan Copper Mine Project

Sep 23, 2022

An important German engineering company awards ULMA Conveyor Components an order for Heavy Duty rollers (HDC) for the expansion of the Almalyk MMC company's copper mine.

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ULMA Conveyor Components Canada joins the annual meeting in Otxandio

Feb 04, 2022

Rajesh Shah from the ULMA Conveyor Components office in Canada attended the Otxandio headquarters on January 10.

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Dec 15, 2021

Following to the commitment of ULMA Conveyor Components to continue increasing its global presence, REMA TIP TOP CHILE and ULMA Conveyor Components have signed a collaboration agreement. REMA TIP TOP CHILE is one of the world leaders providing solutions for conveyor systems, with a strong position in the mining sector.

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ULMA present in potash mines in Canada

Nov 20, 2021

ULMA has been involved in the big phosphate mines in the north of Africa since 40+ years. During this time, ULMA has been able to develop its product together with sealing system in order to exceed the life expectation of the roller in the hardest and dusty work environment.

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Supply for an iron ore mine in Russia

Oct 15, 2021

ULMA Conveyor Components supplies rollers for the expansion of an iron mine in Russia.

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New supply of metallic, cleaning and rubber lagging rollers with destination Paris (France)

Jul 30, 2021

These rollers will be used to feed the boilers of an important French energy company in order to generate heat for heating and hot water in the Parisian metropolis and within an energy model that seeks to be increasingly sustainable.

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ULMA Conveyor Components is committed to LEAN management strategies

Jul 13, 2021

ULMA Conveyor Components is committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of the service and improving the internal performance of the organization through LEAN management strategies. All this with the main purpose of EMPOWERING CUSTOMER ORIENTATION even more.

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ULMA Conveyor Components' GAZIMO project obtains the Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Council (EIC)

Feb 19, 2021

ULMA Conveyor Components submitted its GAZIMO project to the European Innovation Council (EIC) Horizon 2020 programme and, as a result of this innovative project, the EIC awarded it the "Seal of Excellence".

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ULMA Conveyor Components products exceed expectations of gold and silver mines in Canada

Dec 31, 2020

ULMA Conveyor Componets has started a new era with with roller supply to the mines of gold and silver in Ontario, Canada. These mines belong to one of the largest benchmark mining companies in the country, allowing ULMA to grow itself in this market.

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ULMA Conveyor Components has delivered computers to the primary school of Otxandio

Dec 11, 2020

Egoitz Jimenez, Manager of ULMA Conveyor Components has delivered the computers to Lur Olabarri, Consultant of the Otxandio School Center.

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ULMA Conveyor Components will open a warehouse in Peru for the purpose of moving closer to its customers

Dec 04, 2020

ULMA Conveyor Components will soon open a new service warehouse in Lima (Peru) to offer a quicker response to any customer contingency or emergency.

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ULMA Conveyor Components invests in a new machining centre to improve its competitiveness in the heavy-load market

Nov 26, 2020

ULMA Conveyor Components, as part of the manufacturing process improvement plan it is currently involved in, has incorporated a new machining centre into its HDC line with the aim of eliminating the time lag between the manufacture of the roller shaft and the rest of its operations. A key action for the production chain of the product in which they are currently focusing on.

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GAZIMO monitoring sensors

Jul 01, 2020

Egoitz Jiménez, Manager of ULMA Conveyor Components, collaborates with the European Union magazine CORDIS in an article on GAZIMO monitoring sensors and the support of the EU.

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ULMA Conveyor Components at the SME Annual Conference & Expo MineXChange 2020

Mar 02, 2020

ULMA Conveyor Components was present at SME Annual Conference & Expo MineXChange 2020, held in Phoenix, Arizona, on 23-26 February.

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ULMA Conveyor Components Peru visits the ULMA Group

Feb 26, 2020

Ysrael Valdivia and Rosember Cornejo, from the ULMA Conveyor Components office in Peru have visited the ULMA Group.

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ULMA Conveyor Components visits iron mine in Russia

Feb 06, 2020

ULMA Conveyor Components visits an iron mine of the Russian steel group in the north-western corner of the country, only 2,345 km south of the North Pole.

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Visit of the Thai energy company EGAT to ULMA Conveyor Components

Jan 24, 2020

Thailand’s national energy company, EGAT, and the client Italian-Thai Development PLC (ITD) visited ULMA Conveyor Components on 14 January.

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ULMA Conveyor Components at the EXPONOR 2017 Show

May 25, 2017

ULMA Conveyor Components was present at the EXPONOR Show, held in Antofagasta, Chile, on 15-19 May.

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International Expansion

Jan 10, 2017

As part of its sales network expansion strategy, ULMA Conveyor Components has hired 2 people for its Peru and US subsidiaries.

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ULMA Conveyor Components gets homologation order in Minera Escondida

Dec 04, 2016

100 return garlands will hopefully solve the cleanliness problems on one of the belts in the facility.

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