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ONADEK wins Baugewerbe Product of the Year Award in Germany

Our recoverable modular formwork ONADEK has been recognized by the German construction magazine Baugewerbe. One of the objectives of the award is to promote and highlight the companies that, through the innovationa and advanced technology applied to their products and services, contribute to the development of the construction of the future, based on the principles of sustainability, cost effectiveness, and safety.
ONADEK wins Baugewerbe Product of the Year Award in Germany
Jun 18, 2024

Although the nomination in itself is already an achievement for the selected companies, ULMA's first place in the “Concrete Construction” category  has been more than ratified by the vote of the readers who have positively valued the original design of the recoverable modular formwork ONADEK that perfectly  combines the advantages offered by modular and flexible formwork systems. Our ONADEK slab formwork provides a great competitive advantage as it offers a significant reduction in erection and dismanteling time with high standards of ergonomics and safety for the operators working on the construction project.

This is an award that encourages and supports the dedication of the entire team of ULMA professionals who work in the development, manufacture and marketing of scaffolding, shoring and formwork solutions, providing customers innovative, quality and safe solutions, with a comprehensive and close service, always committed to innovation and continuous improvement of products, services and processes.

As is shown  in the photo, the General Manager of ULMA's subsidiary in Germany, Alfonso Gómez, was the person in charge of collecting the award presented by the Director of PELEMEDIA, Peter Eberhard, at the awards ceremony held on May 15 at the Coreum Hotel in Stockstadst am Rhein, Germany.