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ULMA drainage in restoration of Lisbon city centre

The ULMA drainage system has been installed in the restored area of Largo do Intendente in Lisbon, Portugal
ULMA drainage in restoration of Lisbon city centre
Sep 12, 2017

The restoration of this area of ​​Lisbon has been carried out, in order to bring back its liveliness and protagonism. To do this, apart from renovating its surroundings, the city council itself has moved to the area, and the country’s famous plastic artist, Joana Vasconcelos, created a small and beautiful garden in wrought iron, which invites people to sit and admire the buildings with façades decorated with the city’s famous tiles.




In this renovation, ULMA installed U-system channels.

On the one hand, the U100 channel with a continuous slope and grooved side grid, exclusively designed in stainless steel for this project has been provided. This inverted “L” shaped grid is an ideal solution for cobbled areas in pedestrian streets or squares. It stands out for its aesthetics, as it becomes perfectly integrated in the pavement, becoming unnoticeable, without neglecting its hydraulic capacity. It is suitable up to load class D-400 according to the standard EN-1433. Being a side grooved grid, it is the optimal option for installation in areas close to walls. On the other hand, the U200 channel was placed with a cast iron grid.

The U-channels are the best option to for incorporating the slope into areas of light traffic, such as this pedestrian zone.

In total, approximately 160 linear metres of the ULMA drainage solution were installed in the streets of this central Lisbon neighbourhood.