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New ULMA KOMPAQDRAIN compact channel

ULMA Architectural Solutions presents KOMPAQDRAIN ®, its new, innovative compact drainage channel with Max Flow® system.
New ULMA KOMPAQDRAIN compact channel
May 11, 2016

KOMPAQDRAIN® is a novel compact channel made of polymer concrete, suitable up to load class F900, according to standard EN-1433. It has been specifically designed for areas with high traffic density by ULMA Architectural Solutions, specialists in drainage systems.

Motorways, airports, service stations and other intense traffic areas require high drainage and maximum safety; requirements that are met by KOMPAQDRAIN® which provides a set of features that make it unique on the market:

  • It is compact, the channel and grating form a single unit.
  • It is entirely made of polymer concrete.
  • Cutting edge Max Flow® system, with V Section.
  • The surface of KOMPAQDRAIN®, with its non-slip designcontains directional openings.
  • The bottom of KOMPAQDRAIN® becomes gradually larger, to avoid residue accumulation.


KOMPAQDARIN® meets the provisions of international quality and reliability standard EN-1433.

The video can be viewed by visiting the video section of the ULMA website ( and the ULMA Architectural Solutions YouTube channel.