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Megapark Shopping Centre in Bilbao chooses ULMA channels once again

Oct 04, 2019
ULMA channels have been installed in the remodelled leisure area of the shopping centre.

Channels from the MULTIV range in different heights and with different grating options have been fitted in the new leisure area of the Megapark Shopping Centre, located over the centre's car park.

Channels with single-slot grating have been installed around the perimeter of the new park. In addition, the planters installed next to these gratings have metallic plates with a slight slope that directs the water towards the single-slot grating. Thanks to this grating format, the drainage system goes completely unnoticed, blending in perfectly with the urban environment.

On the other hand, the same channels have been installed with cast iron grating in the pedestrian accesses to the park.

All the gratings installed in this project comply with current Accessibility Regulations for Urban Public Spaces for pedestrian use.

Since it was built, this shopping centre has more than 2000 linear metres of ULMA high absorption capacity drainage channels.

The remodelled area, formerly in disuse, and surrounded by commercial and restaurant areas, has been equipped for outdoor recreation, with playgrounds and green areas.