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Coping with special curvature for a residential restoration in Zaragoza (Spain)

Oct 24, 2019
ULMA Architectural Solutions has designed and manufactured curved polymer concrete copings with a specially designed radius for this residential project.


Due to the passage of time and humidity, the curved concrete planters that were previously installed on the building's balconies displayed carbonation problems and were extremely damaged. This led to the decision to replace them.


José Miguel Sancho, the architect responsible for the restoration, explained the process: "The solution was to restore the planters, removing the concrete in poor condition and the damaged areas, passivating the reinforcements and reconstructing their volume with special structural mortars. Next, to prevent water entering, they were covered with ULMA curved copings".

Customized solutions in polymer concrete

In our standard product range we offer curved copings with an outer radius of 1.5m, but in the case of this restoration, when compared with the original piece we discovered a deviation regarding the radius.

That is wy it was decided to develop a customized solution: a coping with a specific radius of 1.625m designed for this specific need.