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ARANTXA ANDUAGA. Director of Human Resources, ULMA Architectural Solutions

MANAGING TALENT. “It is important for students to hear companies first hand, so that they can begin to feel the working world when they are in their classrooms”

Mar 18, 2019
Currently, many of our Human Resources departments are fully involved in a task that worries and concerns all of us, which is: recruiting and retaining talent. For this reason, we have conducted a series of interviews with the heads of HR of our Businesses to ask their opinions and get them to tell us, in terms of the group as well as within their own business, how they are experiencing, on the one hand, the need to recruit and attract talent and on the other, developing the personnel currently employed with us.

:: What is the current need of ULMA Architectural Solutions in terms of the subject in question; is this a priority for the Business?
In our Cooperative, after a few years in which the market situation has been difficult, we are in a period of significant growth, due, on the one hand, to the recovery of the market in the construction sector and, secondly, to an significant transformation within the Business itself, at the level of international subsidiaries and at the industrial level, including the medium-term robotization of the production process.
In this sense, for us it is a priority to enhance the existing talent at ULMA Architectural Solutions with new capabilities, adapting to new needs, as well as attracting external talent that, in line with the values of our Cooperative, will help us to move ahead.


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