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International Basque Language Day at ULMA

December 3 is International Basque Language Day and we at ULMA will also be celebrating it.
International Basque Language Day at ULMA

Over the last few years we have organised several events at ULMA to celebrate this day. For example, the coffee machines were set up to give out free coffee just so you could enjoy a coffee in Basque! Because the Basque language, just like coffee, is more fun when shared with others.

There will also be free coffee this year thanks to ULMA’s different coffee suppliers. But this time we also want to encourage you to participate by bringing in a sponge cake or other type of cake from home.  In the meantime, here’s a recipe you can use to enjoy the Basque language even more:

First, take a saucepan and add love and motivation and mix them together well with a spoon. Once it’s hot, mix in 250 grams of courage. It’s also worth adding a little good will, 5 spoonfuls.  After 30 minutes in the oven remove and allow to cool.

Meanwhile, use a whisk to mix in interest and teamwork till they form stiff peaks. This is to decorate the cake.

Although the cake is sweet, you can add a little spice of life to liven things up!