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Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA Architectural Solutions reaches 25 years

This year marks a very special anniversary for the construction sector: ULMA Architectural Solutions reaches 25 years of activity, in full flow and with an increasingly stronger international projection.
ULMA Architectural Solutions reaches 25 years
Jul 17, 2015


The company, born within the core of ULMA Group as the new promotion of ULMA C y E with the clear objective of creating work after the hard years of the 80s. The focus shifts to an innovative material with great possibilities, "polymer concrete". A high-quality material made up of a select combination of aggregates of silica and quartz, linked by means of stable polyester resin. Its exceptional mechanical resistance stands out (up to 4 times more resistant to compression than traditional concrete), allowing the production of light elements with smaller dimensions. With the hard work of the founders and with the support of the then General Director, Iñigo Aguirre, this young cooperative started its new venture. In 1990, the first rain gutters and copings were manufactured. Years later the first technological investments were made and new constructive solutions began to be developed, opening its business vision to other market niches. Thus, the drainage channels and the innovative double-skin façade system were created. Over the years of growth it went from being a small workshop to an industry with a manufacturing plant of 12,000 m2 in 2001.




In 2009, with the qualified human team, the technology and the know-how acquired after years of experience, a new strategic focus led it to implement an internationalisation policy focusing on opening up to an increasingly globalised world. Today, ULMA Architectural Solutions, with a quarter of a century behind it, is a benchmark in the sector in Spain and has subsidiaries in Portugal, France, Brazil, Mexico and Italy, and with presence through distributors in more than 20 countries across the world.


Among the different initiatives to commemorate the 25th anniversary:



A video has been produced, the goal of which are to tell the story of the cooperative, in a close and human manner, highlighting the most important milestones. It is a video in which many internal people have collaborated, as "the involvement of people" was one of the objectives. The partners have participated as actors, speakers and scriptwriters.


Another of the initiatives that have been carried out is the plantation of an official "Son" of the Tree of Gernika, granted by the General Councils of Biscay, with the symbolic objective of strong growth, like the future of the cooperative.

Additionally, throughout this year the façade of the Plant with the Double-skin Façade system will be renovated.


Head of Manufacturing

" I came to the company when it was a small workshop where the camaraderie was great and a lot of work was done. We all did a bit of everything if it was needed, just before the change to the new plant. The leap has been very big; we have gone from being a workshop to a company, which is growing internationally. This is helping us to get through the crisis. I think that with the passing of the years, this camaraderie has been lost, along with the feeling that the company is ours. But I think that this is due to the society in which we live, which is reflected in cooperatives. During the current economic climate, I believe that we have gone make to that spirit of effort and sacrifice to a degree. The group is making great efforts to try to change the situation. The forms and conditions of work have radically changed compared with those years. Great investments have been made. But now what I miss is the respect that there was back then among the individuals, at all levels. My assessment of these years is very positive, as seeing how the company has been growing is a source of pride. I look to the future with optimism and I think that the current period we are going through will make the company stronger. It should serve to make us more prepared. But I think that "excitement and involvement" on the part of all of us who make up and will make up ULMA Architectural Solutions is very important and necessary."

Product Manager

" Even though I am not one of the longest-serving partners of this cooperative, I can attest to how ULMA Hormigón Polímero has evolved from its origins to today as ULMA Architectural Solutions. From that period of the late 90s, which I remember with nostalgia, in those small facilities at Paseo Otadui nº3, to the large factory in Zubillaga. In short, I have witnessed how we have gone from a workshop to a big industry. It gives true satisfaction to see how the company has grown in size, in number of partners, delegations, approaching new markets, to see not only how it the project has become consolidated but also its growing international expansion, with enormous potential. But all of this has not been achieved without the effort, sacrifice and commitment of all those who make up this company. Nobody has gifted us anything. In all this time many people have passed through here, but those who have really shown that commitment and feeling of ownership in the project are those who can feel pride at belonging to this great family."

Practical Technician

" I started at ULMA years after its foundation and it was a small company continuing with the process of separation from Construction. We started to work with another management system and to establish our own procedures and processes; it was a big change. Physically, the situation we experienced in some years was very funny; we were in a very small space, we were starting to grow, it was very normal to see two or even three workers sharing a single work table. We were all aware of everything. But the big change came when the new plant was built. It was a project that involved great effort on the part of everyone, but which, in turn, gave us great strength and an identity. The best thing I think our company has is a great group of hard-working people with great desire to progress with this project. At this point in time, I believe we are in a need-for-change phase, and we are expectant due to the recent change of management. With respect to the future, I think the market is improving and we are positioning ourselves well. We should be capable of completing all the processes well in order to take real profitability from this opportunity."