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Iñaki Cerqueira. ULMA Architectural Solutions

Iñaki Cerqueira, a worker at ULMA Architectural Solutions, began his role as a DJ more than 20 years ago and is currently also a music producer.
Iñaki Cerqueira. ULMA Architectural Solutions
Apr 27, 2020


Iñaki Cerqueira, a native of Oñati, has worked at ULMA for almost 21 years. He is a multi-functional operator at ULMA Architectural Solutions, where he moves between the SPE and SPC lines depending on the workload of the Business.
He started out as a DJ in 96, when being a Disc-Jockey was considered something strange, a "geek" thing. It was an activity practiced by very few and it was not entirely well regarded by society... Most commonly, people who started out in music at that time did so in a punk or rock group. “Despite what many people believe, being a Disc-Jockey in the 90s was very expensive and you had to make many sacrifices; today, thanks to new technologies, it is much easier and above all cheaper. The Internet has made things much easier,” he tells us.


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