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We have a new drainage catalogue

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We have a new drainage catalogue
Jun 29, 2020

To do this, we have updated our catalogue with additional information about our products.

In it, customers will find drainage channels for all types of projects and needs, for domestic drainage, technical drainage, and even civil works.

As a new addition, we have included information that will guide you when choosing the product for your work. We show the specific fixing system of each channel with its grid, the reference flow rates, and the weights of the items.

If what you need is for the drainage system of your project to go completely unnoticed, we have a wide range of slotted grates at your disposal. We also have products for other solutions, such as gutters for cable management.

Moreover, we clarify your doubts regarding the installation of the channels, offering you all the construction details for each type of channel and pavement.

We also explain how we can help you in your projects, from guidance in the choice of the channel to advisory services on site. We remain at the customer’s side throughout the process.

You can discover all this and more in our new catalogue.