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ULMAs ventilated facades in the Célere Magòria Residential Building

Célere Magòria, 175 homes in Barcelona with an "A" energy rating have polymer concrete Ventilated Facades.
ULMAs ventilated facades in the Célere Magòria Residential Building
Oct 23, 2018

This residential project has been rated as the most important urban development operation in Barcelona in the last decade.

In terms of energy efficiency, the development has an "A" energy rating, which means an estimated energy saving of 87% and significant economic savings, when compared to a home with an "F" energy rating.

We have spoken to the creators of the project TERESA MARZO PELIGERO from Vía Célere and the studio Batlle i Roig Arquitectura, and they told us about their goal and the importance of Sustainability in all their projects:

"Our goal was to achieve a sober, elegant façade, with good thermal and acoustic performance. That´s why we opted for a ventilated façade that combines two pieces, a smooth piece that creates strips in the slab areas together with a grooved piece that runs along the strips generated between them and the sections where the gaps and terraces are located." Batlle i Roig Arquitectura

"It is vital that we prioritize energy efficiency in the homes we build and, for that reason, Vía Célere is committed to innovation in its projects: incorporating renewable energies such as geothermal energy, as well as avant-garde technologies such as dual-flow ventilation, representing important savings in consumption, "We want to lead the way towards a new model of sustainable and energy-efficient real estate development". Vía Célere

The system's thermal and acoustic performances,

the variety of colours and textures, the rapid installation and

the collaboration with the technical team have been key to the success of this project.