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ULMA Ventilated Façades at the Expo Revestir trade fair

ULMA Architectural Solutions participated at Expo Revestir for the first time, the largest cladding solutions trade fair in Latin America, held between 1 and 4 March in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where it presented its ventilated façade systems.
ULMA Ventilated Façades at the Expo Revestir trade fair
Mar 31, 2016

Expo Revestir, which defines itself as “Fashion Week for the architecture and construction sector”, is a trade fair aimed at architecture, engineering, interior design and construction professionals. Given that the majority of the exhibitors were from the ceramics sector, our objective was to illustrate the advantages of the polymer concrete façade compared to the ceramic alternative. Amongst which we would highlight:

  • An unlimited customisation capability in terms of textures and colours.
  • Optional large panel sizes up to 1800 x 900 mm, either vertical or horizontal, that precisely adapt to each project's needs, and which can easily be adjusted on-site if needed.
  • High resistance to saline and industrial environments, thanks to their zero porosity and minimum water absorption coefficient (<0.2%).
  • Comprehensive façade solution, responding to each individual building element (façade, enclosures, ceilings, roofs, corners, etc.).


ULMA presented a very visual and didactic stand, where it exhibited different textures from the Creaktive range to enable architects to learn about the material's versatility.  It also installed a monolith to clearly demonstrate the different components of the ULMA ventilated façade system, and its ease of execution.

Despite the difficulties the country is experiencing, we rate this trade fair positively, and are confident that new projects will arise that will corroborate our firm commitment to this market.