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ULMA Ventilated Facade at the new Alquería Gourmet Market (Spain)

May 23, 2019
More than 1900 square metres of ventilated facade cladding system with perforated polymer concrete panels and a exclusive design created for this project.

Last December, the new La Alquería Market was opened in Dos Hermanas (Seville, Spain). This gourmet market is a catering and culinary establishment with different gourmet proposals, located in a four-story building with an innovative design.

Fusion between tradition and innovation

Thanks to the customization possibilities offered by the polymer concrete and ULMA's Creaktive range, we have been able to develop this creative project. In the words of the architect Manuel E. Sánchez Ramos;

"Our main purpose in the initial phase of the project was to integrate the tradition and history of Dos Hermanas in the restoration of a building with no architectural value; a fusion between tradition and innovation. That is why we created a perforated facade cladding based on the Neomudéjar influence that is very present in the area, which will filter the entry of light and generate environments with a high level of comfort in the interior while providing the exterior of the building with an original aesthetic appearance".