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ULMA Façades on the Bahia Court of Justice

ULMA Architectural Solutions has renovated the building housing the Bahia Court of Justice in Brazil with rainscreen cladding.
ULMA Façades on the Bahia Court of Justice
Feb 28, 2014

This is the maximum legal body in the state of Bahia with headquarters in Salvador city and jurisdiction for the entire state of Bahia.

This renovation was carried out in 6 months, by the ULMA Architectural Solutions team of installers.

The horizontal placement system and Terra textures were used in colour P03 (greyish black) from the Vanguard Range.

You can see more images of the work and discover the advantages of renovation with an ULMA Façade on our web.

The Court of Justice has 41 judges whose duties are to revise and make a decision regarding the most important cases throughout the entire legal body of Bahia State.

Their current President for the two year period 2012-2013 is Mario Alberto Hirs.



Bahia State Court of Justice


Salvador de Bahia (BRAZIL)

Building Company:

CPL Constructora


Architectural Team of Bahia Court of Justice

Execution time:

6 months.

Colour and texture of the panels:

P03 Earth (Vanguard Range)

Work area:

3,500 m2

Most frequently used panel format:

1,150 x 800 / 850 x 800 mm