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ULMA drainage at the Cárnicas 5 Villas Plant

The company Cárnicas 5 Villas has relied on the ULMA drainage system for its plant in Zaragoza, where quality and hygiene are a top priority.
ULMA drainage at the Cárnicas 5 Villas Plant
Feb 01, 2018

Cárnicas 5 Villas, a renowned, respected company in the pork market, being part of the Vall Companys group, a family food group and a market leader in Spain.

In the expansion of its plant in Zaragoza, ULMA has installed different types of channels in each of its areas.

On the one hand, in halls and corridors where hygiene is an absolute priority, channels in stainless steel have been placed. On the other hand, in the outer areas, where safety in regarding the intense truck traffic is the most important aspect, channels in polymer concrete of the F line and the KompaqDrain® compact channel, made entirely of this material of high mechanical resistance were installed


The wide range of channels of ULMA Architectural Solutions makes it possible to deliver an optimal solution to each need raised in the projects, as was the case of the Cárnicas 5 Villas plant.

In the agri-food industry, quality and health are essential points. Channels made of ULMA stainless steel help maintain these standards while ensuring an excellent level of hygiene and resistance to dirt, microorganisms, chemicals and other aggressive agents, with ease of cleaning and a superior evacuation capacity. In meat-processing plants, large amounts of organic waste often accumulate in the wastewater. The characteristics of stainless steel drainage systems are essential to ensuring the required hygiene. In addition, the HigyenicPro® grid is specially designed to evacuate this type of waste, allowing afast cleaning and guaranteeing antibacterial action..

In the outer area of ​​the industrial building, the traffic of heavy vehicles is continuous and, because of that, safety is paramount. To do this, model F250 channels, designed especially for areas with heavy traffic and for sections in which the grids suffer major axial efforts due to the execution of manoeuvres and braking on them, were used. Additionally, they were complemented with the KompaqDrain® compact channel, where the channel and the grid form a single piece, guaranteeing greater rigidity and maximum security. All of them are made in polymer concrete, a high-quality material with exceptional mechanical strength.

In total, approximately 900 linear metres of pipeline have been installed, in addition to 65 stainless steel drains.