• Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA channels in the renovated Santa Barbara square in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Oct 21, 2020
More than 600 linear metres of pipeline were installed in the renovation of this central square in Vitoria.


ULMA has provided different drainage solutions for each area of the square, thereby meeting the different needs of its renovation.

For the drainage of the square, channels of the Multiv+ line were installed, with an eccentric catchment slot-type grid of the required height for the slabs of the new paving. Thanks to this grid, the channelling system blends in with the environment, being discreet and aesthetically functional, without sacrificing drainage capacity.

This same channel was installed in the loading and unloading area of the Shopping Centre located next to the square, with ribbed cast-iron gratings for a load class up to D400. Thus, it responds to the need of this area, where the passage of vehicles is more intense.

In turn, at the entrances to the pedestrian parking, channels of the MINI line were installed. In these areas, to meet the height limitations of this application, a response was made with systems specially designed for this purpose.


The renovation work on the square and the structure of the car park have involved an investment of €8 million. Thanks to this project, the square is expected to contribute to the dynamisation of the commercial and hospitality activities of the Vitoria city centre.