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Time and space for getting together

As we are all aware, May is the month in which ULMA Group holds its General Meetings. A series of informative talks are also held before these take place, followed by lunches, dinners and other events. But first and foremost, they can be seen as a time and space for the ULMA people to get together.
Time and space for getting together
Jun 12, 2015

This year, Ulma Piping held all its events in a shorter space of time than usual. We were the first of the ULMA Group companies to hold our General Meeting, which took place on 8 May. The informative talks were held at a morning and evening session on April 29 and an afternoon session on April 30. There was a pleasant atmosphere at all the talks, with slightly higher attendance, more speeches given and more active involvement than in previous years. The General Meeting went as well as always and the event was rounded off by a superb dinner.

The annual ULMA Piping retired employees’ lunch meeting was also held on May 8. The venue was the Etxe-Aundi Hotel and, as in other years, it attracted a mass turnout. Some of the guests informed us that this year’s meal was as enjoyable as ever and our colleagues had fun reminiscing on good times spent at the company.

Finally, on May 15 ULMA Lazkao held its informative talks, which also attracted a huge turnout and active involvement.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in sharing the various times and spaces for getting together, and we hope to see another big turnout at next year’s events!