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Stone finish terraced facade refurbishment

ULMA Architectural Solutions has designed and manufactured a special terraced facade for the refurbishment of a building in Calle Secretari Coloma, Barcelona.
Stone finish terraced facade refurbishment
May 21, 2013

The new facade stands out for its special slate textured finish, combining innovation and visual appeal, as this is the first time a facade element of this type has been developed in the precast concrete range.

The residents’ association commissioning the work was interested in an original finish, and the refurbishment company OBREIN suggested a slate finish for the ULMA implementation. ULMA studied the possibility and developed the components especially for this project.

Jordi Gómez of Obrein affirmed that the work was carried out in close collaboration with the ULMA technical and sales department which worked to solve all the problems occurring during the creation of the new items. “We are particularly proud of this project as it’s one of the most spectacular facades in the area and has totally changed the face of the building, obviously increasing its value, which benefits the owners”, he said.

  • LOCATION: C/ Secretari Coloma, Barcelona
  • DEVELOPER: Residents’ association
  • ARCHITECTURE: Enric Checa (Ona Arquitectura)
  • SITE MANAGER: Jordi Gómez / Daniel Rosas
  • ADMINISTRATOR: Jordi Gómez
  • POLYMER CONCRETE PARTS: ULMA Architectural Solutions

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