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Special piece for balcony in emblematic Valladolid façade

ULMA has designed and manufactured a custom-made piece for restoration of the emblematic Tempo building, in Valladolid
Special piece for balcony in emblematic Valladolid façade
Apr 25, 2017

ULMA Architectural Solutions has created a special premanufactured piece for the  structural balcony overhang of the emblematic Tempo building, in Valladolid, Spain.  It is a piece of great complexity due to its size and weight, which has allowed for sustaining the balcony through the flooring and maintain the original railing.

To restore the balcony, the architect and author of the project, Álvaro Finat, needed a solution that allowed them to solve, at the structural and finishing level, the restoration of the building balconies. His aim was to prevent the piece from incorporating a metallic structure such as the one that had existed so far, and he hoped that it would not be necessary to implement any paving. The aim was to avoid the undesirable encounters of the pavement with the façade and, in particular, with the grillwork, which he wished to recover for support on the balcony.


According to Álvaro Finat, “it is common not only to see balconies that are poorly executed or addressed from an aesthetic standpoint, but also, above all, with pieces that present freezing problems (when cutting them, it is possible to see areas that have not been properly treated) and which require maintenance. ULMA’s solution allowed us to remain with the concrete flooring and existing structure, support the ironwork that should be recovered and ensure a complete solution for all our problems.”

The polymer concrete, crucial to the restoration of the piece

The properties of the polymer concrete have made it possible to create a premanufactured piece without a frame, avoiding on-site manufacture with formwork. Thus, the entire balcony was supplied, thus ensuring labour cost savings, fastened to the flooring, and bolted to the original railing.

“We are pleased with the polymer concrete thanks to its finish, durability and versatility. We have been able to make pieces that we did not even imagine.”

Álvaro Finat, architect and author of the project.

The placement


Given the dimensions and the high weight of the piece, the complexity resided in the placement. According to the architect author of the project, “the placement was not easy but the piece was perfectly designed and studied during the manufacturing process, which made the execution of the work feasible and clear despite its complexity.”

Technical Data:

  • Promoter: C.B. Promoción Edificio Tempo (a goods community)
  • Construction Company: Ferrovial Agroman SA
  • Architect: Alvaro Finat Urgel (collaborators: Emilio Lezcano; Raúl Menéndez)
  • Surface: 2700 m2
  • Location: Calle Claudio Moyano, 2 corner with Santiago, 27, Valladolid
  • Product Used: Custom-made piece, structural overhang in bright grey and marigold balcony.