Social media conference at the ULMA Group Auditorium — ULMA Begira

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Social media conference at the ULMA Group Auditorium

Last Tuesday, the ULMA Group Auditorium was the conference venue for for communication professionals from various media bodies and companies entitled “How to Structure a Social Media Programme”, organised by the communication managers’ association Dircom
Social media conference at the ULMA Group Auditorium
Feb 13, 2014

The conference was presented by Asier Ibarrondo, director of the advertising company Coonic, and the speaker was Antxon Benito, a founder member of the organisation Social Media Marketing Sharing Brand, who provided practical, illustrative examples of the keys to suitably developing a social media programme and presented the communication model "Listen, Talk, Get Social!" which set the tone of the event.

Users put forward their ideas and talked to the companies, getting directly involved in the creation and improvement of products and services, thanks mainly to the possibilities offered by the 2.0 digital ecosystem, making knowledge of these tools vital, together with active listening techniques

Antxon Benito explained that a social media programme must be correctly structured by defining communication goals aligned with those of the company, messages and target audiences, without overlooking implementation of the outcome evaluation methodology which will contribute to redressing and improving future communication activities without having to rely on improvisation. Lastly, he stressed the growing relevance of smartphones as a direct, tailored means of communication with users, besides recalling they have now become “weapons of mass construction” in addition to shaping a new framework for social, local and mobile communication.

The Oñati conference is part of the programme for corporate communication training workshops being held in different towns where the 800 plus members of Dircom are based. This time, the ULMA Group provided the venue for knowledge exchange among participants