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Showroom to display new rainscreen cladding ranges

A series of projects have been developed to coincide with the launch of the new rainscreen cladding range
Showroom to display new rainscreen cladding ranges
Dec 18, 2013

One of these is the installation of a showroom where vendors can compare in situ the different textures and colours of the Vanguard and Easy ranges. A work area has been set up where the visitors can choose colours in addition to comparing and combining textures. Furthermore, there is also an information area where they can find out about the main technical differences among them, thereby them to make the right choice of rainscreen for later use by project creators.

The work area contains life size models of the different systems, for comparison of the two ranges.

Our next step is to showcase the Creaktive range, which as its name suggests is the most creative of the proposals, with customised and more original designs. A special area has been set aside for this, where we plan to install a spectacular largescale mural.

This project was also accompanied by a makeover of the Rainscreen Cladding section of the website, moreover a new sales catalogue has been published.