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PERSONALISATION: Design of a special plate simulating a vine leaf

Dec 13, 2012
Personalised ULMA vertical façade ventilation system. In the town of Sant Pere Molanta (Barcelona Province), in the county of Alt Penedés, nestled amongst the region's typical vineyards, you will find this school fitted with the ULMA vertical façade ventilation system. The project was designed by the architect Gustau Gili, who told ULMA of its aim to achieve a texture and colour that could blend into the surroundings.

Project Collaboration and Integral Management

In partnership with the architect, the ULMA Architectural Solutions team developed a special plate similar in colour to vine leaves, with a personalised texture simulating the vineyards.

To achieve a tone reminiscent of the vineyards, vine leaves were collected from the fields and sent to the factory, allowing us to recreate their exact colour.  Regarding the design of the texture, we began with a model created by the architect and added reliefs and depths until we achieved the desired texture.

According to the architect, our willingness to create a personalised product, technical assistance and partnership in the project were essential to developing the final product.

The project aim was to clearly differentiate between two contrasting materials throughout the work.  On the one hand, a raw block of exposed concrete and, on the other, coloured, decorated polymer concrete.

More info at Proyecto Rossend Montane


Architect: Gustau Gili Galfetti, GGG Arquitectura

Developer: GISA – Department of Education

Construction Company: Corsán-Corviam

Location: Sant Pere Molanta, Olèrdola (Barcelona)

Year: 2010

Ventilated Façade: ULMA Architectural Solutions

Ventilated Façade Area: 1,600m2