• Ulma Architectural Solutions

Committed to Globalisation

Oct 25, 2012
In the last four-month period of 2012, ULMA Architectural Solutions has exhibited in 6 international trade fairs in Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, France and Portugal

We consider our international expansion as a strategy of implantation in specific environments.  To do that, at ULMA Architectural Solutions we are flexible and adapt our services and solutions to the reality of each market, in a clearly competitive scenario.

Following this policy we are committed to presenting our solutions in different International Trade Fairs of the Construction Sector and that way, this last quarter of the year we are present in Trade Fairs like: Ficons/Expo Airport (2) -Brazil, Expo Cihac-Mexico, Pollutec -Morocco, Encuentros APSB - Portugal and Pollutec - France. We also highlight that this year we have presented our solutions and products in Germany, Romania and Algiers.

Our project for globalisation is leading us to a wider presence on the global market, where we have 4 affiliates (France, Portugal, Poland and Brazil) and distributors in another 15 countries.

The Channelling and Drainage line presents new products that complete the existing wide range.  Among other innovations, ULMA is introducing on the markets its new Multi V+ system, that allows reliably and rapidly and effortlessly fixing the grid to the body of the channel.

We are also presenting solutions for Double Skin Facades and Cladding, with attractive and personalised proposals of both the system and the cladding in addition to our Prefabricated Solutions.