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Amazing transformation in one of the largest hotels in Sitges

Amazing transformation in one of the largest hotels in Sitges
Jul 17, 2020

The historic Hotel Terramar in Sitges, Spain was built in the 1930s with an original Belle Époque structure.


Back then, when travelling was only within the reach of the most privileged, Terramar was an exclusive hotel for the wealthy class.


The establishment, with large gardens and glamorous lounges, was worthy of the elegance and refinement of the time.

In the 1960s, however, the increase in wages, reduction of the working day and the arrival of the car made possible the dream of many families of spending their holidays by the sea.

Travel became affordable, and the tourist industry boomed.

To respond to the mass tourism that invaded the coast, the hotel was expanded and refurbished, becoming a gigantic building, unrecognisable when compared to the previous design.

This was its appearance in those days.


And this is how it became after the last renovation. What a change, right?

In this latest complete remodelling, the Isern architecture studio transformed the hotel, adapting it to the 21st century, and giving it back the elegance and splendour of previous days.

To do this, they chose our copings, which you can see placed on the walls of the terraces.

Daniel Isern, the architect behind the project, told us that he has been using our prefabricated products for more than 20 years, especially in renovations: “ULMA is a leader thanks to the versatility of its product. The moldability of polymer concrete allows you, with a simple solution, to solve address almost any components.”

For this specific case at the Hotel Terramar, Daniel chose a standard blanket:

“In this case, we used the standard product for a curved work, with a great cost-benefit ratio. The white colour of the piece combined perfectly with the monolayer, and thus, we have managed to make the building simulate a white boat anchored on the beach. In addition, I would highlight its discreet profile, and how beautiful and soft the coping is when you touch it. For the level of finish, the texture is fantastic.”