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4 benefits of renovating your project with a ventilated façade

Would you like to renovate a unique façade, in less time and without any problems? We will explain why you should choose ULMA ventilated façades to project the renovation you have in your hands. It will make your work easier, save time, and avoid headaches.
4 benefits of renovating your project with a ventilated façade
Jul 27, 2020

1. You will save time, easily adapting the project to the original design of the façade

When approaching a renovation, it is important to adapt it easily to an existing design.

For this reason, the flexible fixing system and the sizing of the ULMA panels allow you to easily adapt them to the height between windows and any other special feature of your building.

Avoid difficulties and obstacles that could complicate your daily development of the project.

2. You will update the image of the building by giving it a spectacular finish

Whether you would like to maintain the aesthetics of your building or if you want to renovate it according to new architectural trends, you will have a wide variety of textures and colours available, with elegant or more daring finishes.

They will inspire you to materialise that idea that you have in mind.

3. You will save time and avoid problems with a fast and efficient work execution

Professional ULMA installers and technicians will efficiently carry out the renovation of the façade from the exterior of the building in a short period of time, with minimal inconvenience to neighbours.

4. Your projects will last in time. Bet on quality!

Surely, you want the project that you have designed to stand without deteriorating for a long time.

Polymer concrete, of which our façade panels are made, is a non-porous material that does not absorb dirt or moisture.

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy unbeatable results against deterioration caused by pollution or saline environments. You no longer have to remove from your portfolio a project that you designed some time ago because it is already deteriorated.

Why it improves the life of the building owners

They save on utility bills

Thanks to the energy savings provided by the ULMA ventilated façade, the building will reduce heat loss in cold months and absorption in warm months, thereby achieving significant savings in utility bills.

The building is revalued

The use of a natural and noble material such as polymer concrete will enable you to revalue your building at an amount higher than the one invested in its renovation.

Save on façade maintenance

The zero percentage of water absorption provided by polymer concrete will ensure that, with basic maintenance with soap and water, ULMA’s façades will be kept in optimal condition.

They save time and money in partial works

Have you ever tried to fix flaws in your façade with small works and patches, but they end up not working? The ULMA façade will be the definitive work to solve long-term problems.