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Markel Olano Deputy General of Gipuzkoa

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Mar 28, 2017
Born 2 June, 1965 in Beasain. He has a degree in philosophy and he has filled different roles in the PNV throughout his political career. He’s been the highest ranking party official in areas such as education, culture and new technologies. He’s currently in his second term as Deputy General of Gipuzkoa.

After years of deep economic crisis that has seriously impacted our society, how would Markel Olano judge the current social and economic situation of Gipuzkoa?

It’s a situation of gradual recovery, but it’s happening within a changing international context that makes companies feel constantly under stress. In general, they’re all talking about recovery in terms of orders and billing, but also about narrower margins. Furthermore, there are a number of open fronts (internationalisation, R&D&i, industry 4.0) that make these times very exciting but, at the same time, extremely critical because we either get on board now or we might run the risk of descending into a process of de-industrialisation. And, the Regional Government’s attitude in this context is to stay close to companies in order to foster competitive and socially advanced industry.  That’s the only way we can maintain the socio-economic model of Gipuzkoa where the competitiveness of our industry and businesses makes it possible for us to create jobs and maintain high quality social services, and in this way we can fight inequality at all levels.