• Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA Drainage Channels at the renovated Gamazo Dock in Santander

Jul 20, 2015

ULMA Architectural Solutions was one of the companies involved in recovering this space, equipping it with different models from its extensive range of drainage channels, whilst seeking to optimise hydraulic capacity and enable easy system maintenance and accessibility.

The specific models used were from the Multi V+ 150 range with optimised V-section and slope arrangement, together with heelproof cast iron grating (load class C250), compliant with accessibility standards for covering elements in pedestrian access areas.

The same channels were installed in the heavy vehicle access area but load class D400 gratings were used to meet its functional and aesthetic requirements.

The flexibility, adaptability and technical solution provided, catering to the project’s appearance and functional requirements, and the high degree of satisfaction of all the parties involved were key factors in choosing ULMA Architectural Solutions’ drainage solution.

The renovation of the Gamazo Dock and its surrounding area, which extends as far as the Escuela Náutico-Pesquera (Nautical and Fishing Training Centre), required investment of €1.1m and was carried out by the company Vías y Contratas, with a 10-month completion period and a total surface area of 13,833 m2.

The project was designed by architect Luis Castillo and involved cleaning the entire dock, urban development and adaptation of the surrounding area and installation of a perimeter railing for safe observation.