ULMA Construction

ULMA Construction participates in various infrastructure improvement projects planned for the Brazil 2016 Olympic Games

Apr 26, 2016

ULMA Construction is participating in various projects related to expanding the Metro network and building the Estaiada bridge; improvement projects included within the infrastructure plan for holding the Río de Janeiro Olympic Games in August.

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ULMA Construction on the EITB Teknopolis programme, dedicated to the construction of doors and viaducts

Apr 05, 2016

Teknopolis, a scientific and technological awareness show produced by EITB and the Elhuyar Foundation, broadcast its latest episode last weekend on bridge and viaduct construction, with a report on ULMA Construction.

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ULMA Construction present at Deusto University Master's Degree in International Business.

Mar 02, 2016

The closing ceremony for the Master's Degree in International Business (MIB) held on 25 February at the San Sebastian campus was attended by numerous managers and senior members from international companies in the Basque Country.

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ULMA Construction collaborates with the Ereindajan association

Feb 23, 2016

In line with the ULMA Group's values and as a means of advancing a more sustainable, just and healthy development model, the ULMA Construction Governing Council has invited all of the cooperative's workers and members to support the Ereindajan association by enjoying its local and in-season products.

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New SBU Safety Platform designed to work with wall formwork

Jan 29, 2016

ULMA Construction designed the new SBU Safety Platform to provide an optimally efficient, versatile and safe building solution, allowing our customers to work with wall formwork at any height in complete and guaranteed safety.

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ULMA Construction participates in the modernization project of Pacasmayo cement plant located in Peru.

Jan 21, 2016

With an annual production capacity of 1.6 million tons of cement, the new plant based in Piura will be the most modern in Latin America.

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ULMA Construction participates in the Euslan programme with a commitment to encourage the use of Basque

Nov 11, 2015 Ulma Construcción ,

Following the acknowledgement of its Linguistic Management Quality in 2014 with a Bikain Silver Certificate, ULMA Construction has acquired a new commitment by participating in the Euslan programme promoted by the Basque Government.

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ULMA Construction launches the MK tunnel form carrier

Jan 30, 2015

A flexible, profitable and standardised product solution. MK System applications are multiplying. Standardising the tunnelling solution using MK products means cost savings for customers in an area where only specific solutions were previously available

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ULMA Construction provides solutions for the Kozienice Power Station in Poland

Oct 30, 2014

In operation since 1972, Kozienice is the second largest coal-fired power station in Poland, and boasts the highest production capacity. A new 1,075 MW power unit has been under construction since 2012, which is set to increase Poland’s power production by around 5%.

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ULMA Construction&UNI-SPAN alliance succeeds again in Australia

Sep 25, 2014

Brisbane City Council’s 4.6 km Legacy Way tunnel is set to connect the two busiest roads in the region. MK Cut-and-Cover Tunnel Formwork Carriages are being used for tunnel entrances and exits, together with two 12.4 m diameter, 110 m long tunnel-boring machines.

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ULMA Construction provides a comprehensive service for Poznan’s Nobel Tower

May 29, 2014

With a height of 53.5 m, the Nobel Tower will preside the innovative CZT science and technology park in Poznan. The centre will have a substantial impact on the establishment of newly created businesses, helping boost employment in the area. The 51 x 13.5 m building has 13 floors plus a first and second level basement, and the total area of the building is 13,500 m2.

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ULMA Construction Poland celebrates its silver jubilee

Apr 25, 2014

The Polish subsidiary of ULMA Construction will be celebrating its silver jubilee throughout this year. It took its first steps in March 1989 when it was recorded in the companies register as BAUMA Sp. z o.o. Today it operates under its tax name ULMA Construccion Polska. 25 years later it is now one of main formwork and scaffolding agents in Poland and the world.

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ULMA Construction MK Technology demonstrates its possibilities: Bridge at Km 81.1, D1 Motorway, Bertotovce, Slovakian Republic

Mar 31, 2014

This bridge is part of the most important motorway under construction in the Slovakian Republic. 11.2 km in length, it not only joins the country from one end to the other but also forms part of the Trans-European road network.

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ULMA Construction is contributing to modernisation in India

Feb 28, 2014

The presence of ULMA on the Asian market has been a reality for years. The opening of a subsidiary in India in 2010 has meant yet another step in the comprehensive service offer and a close relationship with the customer. ULMA is thus positioning itself on this market by participating in tall building projects. Prestige Trade Tower in Bangalore and World One King Tower in Mumbai are examples of the projects being carried out in this country.

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ULMA Construction products HWS and ART, allies for overhead work

Jan 31, 2014

High-rise projects need a leader with excellent production and completion deadline solutions. ULMA Construction has been working in this sector for many years and has world class experts in development, implementation and consultation for climbing systems.

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The ULMA Construction stand at BAUMA wins the “EMPORIA 2014 Special Award for best tent and mobile structure design or system”

Dec 19, 2013

This recognition was given by Veredictas Internacional, a senior agency in certifying standards of excellence. The National Efimera Architecture Awards, EMPORIA, were held with the support of Madrid Polytechnic University, Barcelona's ETSAB, CSCAE, CODIC, the main associations in the trade fair sector and the sector's main media.

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ULMA climbing systems successfully used in Toronto

Nov 28, 2013

The RCMI residential building in central Toronto is an emblematic building with exclusive facilities and services. It is 134.7 metres tall and has 42 floors. ULMA Construction used its RKS Guided Climbing System for the work on the building, to support the formwork on the exterior walls, together with HWS perimeter protection. Both products were configured using the MK system, easily adaptable to the specific building shape and the client’s requirements.

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ULMA Construction in the highest residential building in Canada

Nov 25, 2013

With a height of 272.8 m and 78 floors, Toronto’s Aura Tower is the tallest residential building in Canada. Its total of 124,490 m2 of floor space breaks down into 16,720 m2 for commercial premises and 107,770 m2 for residential space.

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ULMA Construction completes the largest dam in Portugal

Nov 06, 2013

All of the works at height on the Baixo Sabor dam have been completed comfortably and with maximum safety. Located in Torre de Moncorvo, in the Portuguese district of Bragança, this was the last major river in the Iberian Peninsula without a dam anywhere from its source to where it joins the river Duero. The 50 km long reservoir includes two units on the river Sabor. It will generate 170 MW of power and 444 GWh of electricity annually.

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ULMA Construction’s MK Systems bridging distances in Peru

Oct 28, 2013

Spanning 93.6m, the Salinas Bridge links the two banks of the Marañón river and has been a catalyst for trade and tourism in the Amazon region. The area’s complex orography required precise topographical work. Moreover, the risk of major floods and the limited spaces shaped the construction’s design: an arch type false bridge with an intermediate deck, supported at both ends and executed with systems that do not require cranes.

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