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New Hotel in the Manhattan Financial District

Standing at over 110 m tall, 26 Ann Street is located a step away from the World Trade Center, and represents one of the largest mixed-use projects underway.
New Hotel in the Manhattan Financial District
Feb 19, 2018

The building will house 298 hotel rooms, starting on the fifth floor, while the lower storeys will be dedicated to a variety of commercial establishments. The client chose CC-4 modular aluminium formwork to pour the slabs for all of the building’s 30 storeys. The system’s drop-heads make it ideal for spaces where safety requirements are exacting;moreover, rapid material recovery reduced onsite material needs as well as dependence on crane assistance.

With lightweight components built from the ground up, the CC-4 system allowed for rapid and efficient onsite assembly. With plywood shuttering already incorporated into the panels, the system offers significant advantages for work in confined spaces.

ULMA Construction provided a comprehensive solution that successfully met all of the client’s needs for the walls and floor slabs. ALUPROP aluminium props were used in conjunction with CC-4 formwork to support four working levels simultaneously. ULMA’s lightweight MEGALITE panels were used to form thecolumns, walls, pilasters, lift cores, and foundation.