• Ulma Architectural Solutions


Jun 19, 2015

The Marina district redevelopment project will involve a major transformation of Barcelona’s so-called Sector 10. The project consists of developing the city’s south-east bank, a large former industrial zone occupying a surface area of 750,000 m2, which is equivalent to over forty blocks of the Eixample district and almost as large as Barcelona’s original historical centre, the Gothic district, which measures 825,000 m2.

ULMA Architectural Solutions is involved in this redevelopment and has installed a wide range of drainage channels with cast iron covers customised with the City Council logo, designed specifically.

A total of 350 linear metres have been installed, using the S350 channel model and the specially designed PE5318 cast iron cover.

The latter and the technical solution, flexibility and adaptation proposed by ULMA Architectural Solutions were decisive in securing the contract.

73% of the redevelopment project construction will be allocated for residential use and 27% for business activity, with 17% of the land set aside for green areas and 15% for facilities.