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New Solution for indoor coatings developed by ULMA Architectural Solutions

Jan 11, 2016
ULMA Architectural Solutions adapts the facade solutions to interior spaces.

Modern architecture has evolved towards integrated solutions which bring together facades and different interior spaces.

After many years visiting buildings and beautifying their facades, at ULMA Architectural Solutions we also reflect this trend as we take a step forward to adapt our facade solutions to interior spaces.

We have developed a simple, competitive system which puts to good use the benefits of our material –polymer concrete– , making it an ideal solution for indoor coatings whilst giving each environment a unique personality with a personal touch within the building overall.

We offer personalised solutions for each project, with numerous textures, colours, finishes and formats, which open up infinite possibilities for designers to explore their creativity through unique, personalised spaces.

Polymer Concrete is a rock-based material. Siliceous and basalt aggregates containing composite materials such as resins provide a natural, customisable solution with exceptional mechanical and physical performances which very few other materials can achieve.

At ULMA we are aware of the importance of design, but installation is vital for the success of a project. For this reason, our panels can be easily machined using traditional tools, and can be easily adjusted on site as they are so easy to cut, drill and even replace when necessary. They therefore allow straightforward installation of elements such as switches, plugs and other wall fittings.

The quality and guarantee of all our products is assured thanks to our more than 25 years' experience in this industry. The rigorous quality controls we put all our products through and the backing of the tests and certificates issued by some of the most prestigious international laboratories are an example of our determination to offer the market solutions which are adapted to every need and with full reassurance.

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Watch the video on installation in indoor environments