ULMA Group presents its new corporate image giving the most efficient support to its Businesses. — ULMA Begira

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ULMA Group presents its new corporate image giving the most efficient support to its Businesses.

“The most promising of a group is knowing how to be united to grow”. This quote from Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta perfectly summarizes the ULMA spirit over the last 54 years since when a group of skilled mechanics started to dedicate themselves to the maintenance and auxiliary works of the then growing chocolate industry in Oñati.
ULMA Group presents its new corporate image giving the most efficient support to its Businesses.
Apr 01, 2015

Talleres Ignacio Maiztegi was the embryo of a dream that today groups 4,500 persons and is present in more than 80 countries.

This trip to the past is necessary to understand our present time, but becomes even more relevant when it helps to build the future. Knowing where we come form is very important because only that way can we explain our ongoing desire to reinvent ourselves, to anticipate changes and position ourselves at the front without forgetting our values and our roots. This is precisely the inspiration behind our We are ULMA campaign.
This long process reaches its zenith with the presentation of the new Group corporate image, a process lead by the ULMA Group Communication Committee and executed from the Communication and Brand Area, that has had the implication of all the Businesses, and, above all, with the active participation of our partners and workers, keystone of the project.
New content, supports and tools adapted to the new times to more efficiently support and strengthen the activity of our Businesses around the world
The challenge was to adequately materialize the Values of a different Group, with clear Social Commitment and clearly focussed on people.
The result has been a profound re-branding process that has given ULMA Group a new Communication Ecosystem that translates into new content, supports and tools adapted to the new times to more efficiently support and strengthen the activity of our Businesses around the world. That way, the new Corporate Website, the new Audiovisual Projects, the new Catalogue and Corporate Booklet, the new Group Advertisement, and the new digital content strategy were presented last February in an event celebrated in the ULMA Group auditorium in Oñati and was participated by the companies that have collaborated in the project and by the workers and families who have participated in the “We are ULMA” campaign.



> A New Window to the World
One of the most outstanding elements of this process has been the creation of a new Corporate Website (www.ulma.com), defined and designed as a window to the world reflecting the ULMA mission and values, as well as our signs of identity as a Social Group. The new Website is an important diffusion tool that allows knowing who we are and what we do from anywhere, but that also is the backbone element that contributes to understanding the diversity existing among our Businesses. Attractively designed, clear and very user-friendly, the new ULMA Group website reflects our Values, our commitment with the development of Society and to create employment. The Website is the first presentation letter toward the exterior and has the mission of being a bridge between ULMA, its clients and the entire Society. To complete the Website functions and reach all the public in a Society that is articulated around an audiovisual and multimedia culture, the Group has also developed a series of Corporate Audiovisuals to make our strong points well known. The new videos are developed using well-cared images and professional post-production work that contributes a high level of distinction and quality.
The project is completed with the new Corporate Catalogue, and the new Advertisement that transmit the same messages and the same values as the rest of supports.



> The power of good stories
This process has consequently also taken into consideration a key idea; that nothing is more effective than a good story.
Therefore, a new strategy of digital content has been worked on to identify the multitude of stories of the people that form part of ULMA on their daily routines, and this way, contribute to strengthening Brand communication and external perception.
Currently, knowing how to transmit and disseminate the distinctive features of a company through an attractive content strategy is very important: one based on close stories that are easily understood by the public. In our case, this meant disseminating stories that transmit our expertise by preparing versatile content taking into consideration the social component of our Brand. In other words, ULMA now has a modern business card to present ourselves as a modern and different Group to the world.


> Implication and commitment of the  partners
The implication in the re-branding project of the partners, the workers and their families, has brought in many good ideas.
The We Are ULMA campaign has invited the partners, workers and their families to share the pride of belonging to a different Group.



NU Comunicación
Creating a prestigious catalogue for a Business Group like ULMA has meant a great challenge for us. The capacity of ULMA Group to develop very large projects in all corners of the world has surprised us, and all that without losing sight of its initial objective; persons. From the cover page, which is the integrating element of persons, the projects and the different Businesses to the interior pages, with the contribution of the ULMA Group workers themselves accompanied by their children. We hope to have contributed with our work to the growth and progress of ULMA.

Recompile in a few minutes the ULMA atmosphere, synthesize its background, its values, and above all, its commitment facing the future; materialize its universe in a video has been so complex as exciting. And beyond the technicalities, the aesthetics and the long conversations to reach the formula, the fascination of this trip has been understanding that, according to the progress of the filming and editing, we all felt a bit more ULMA because this is something the Brand achieves, putting the person at the core of what it does.

A brand is no longer a static photograph. Moreover, ULMA has perfectly understood that now is the time to count the stories occurring in the Group with attractive formats. For that reason, developing this project of digital content for a Group like ULMA with more than 4,500 persons characterizing hundreds of stories has been a pleasure.

Digitalize a Brand. That was the challenge posed by ULMA. Transmit a tale, design and builds a digital ecosystem that would transmit its Values and be at the digital avant-garde. In www.ulma.com we have developed a site designed for the users, with a fantastic, differential browsing experience designed to be enjoyed on any device. Good architecture, attractive content, spectacular images and landing pages. This space is to show stories of projects that build well-being and to get to know the ULMA Businesses. Eskerrik asko, because now in Coonic, we are also a small part of ULMA.

Gustavo, Factory operator in ULMA Architectural Solutions
“The experience has served for my son to become interested in my work. He has felt part of ULMA and understands better my function in the company. He sees me as important and is even proud of me!”.

Jose Antonio, Distributors Network Manager in ULMA Forklift Trucks
“La experiencia ha servido para que mi hijo se interesara más por mi trabajo. Se ha sentido parte de ULMA y entiende mejor mi función en la empresa. ¡Me ve importante y está incluso orgulloso de mi!”.

Gurutze Murua, Billing Process Manager of ULMA Construction
“It has been a nice experience that has united ULMA and my family (through my son). Normally I do not feel very comfortable in front of a camera, but in this case, perhaps because of the special occasion it was and also due to being in the hands of very good professionals, both my son Xabi and I very much enjoyed the moment”.