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Relations University-Company

We have wanted to listen to the opinion of 3 deans from Mondragon Unibertsitatea to find out what they think about the current state of the University-Company relations. With them, the President of ULMA Group offers his point of view from his position in the cooperative company.
Relations University-Company
Jan 11, 2017

What is your current diagnosis of the MU-COMPANY relationship? Do you think that any area needs to be strengthened? Where are the University-Company relations headed in our community? Are we well positioned?

L.B.: University-Company relations is a core element at Mondragon Unibertsitatea from its origin. Mondragon Unibertsitatea was created in response to a district’s need for training and also from the need of some companies located in the district; its history has always run parallel to the development of the district and its companies. We try to have all the university activity associated with this fact. The relationships with companies were included in the programmes, in the contents of research, in the transferring, in the development of what is worked on at the University.


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