More than 4,000 healthy menus served in the 11 weeks of the “11 restaurants 11 healthy menus” special. — ULMA Begira

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More than 4,000 healthy menus served in the 11 weeks of the “11 restaurants 11 healthy menus” special.

At the ULMA Group, within the activities of its Foundation, they have finished the special Healthy Menus campaign that in the last 11 weeks has been held at the pre-selected restaurants in the campaign.
More than 4,000 healthy menus served in the 11 weeks of the “11 restaurants 11 healthy menus” special.
Jul 30, 2012

Aware that there is a high percentage of partners and workers that eat in ULMA Group´s restaurants daily, last November 2011, and as an ULMA Foundation initiative, a special campaign was established to create health menus for the growing preoccupation of receiving a balanced nutritional offer.

The Healthy Menus campaign consists in the promotion and diffusion of ULMA Group´s restaurant network so that they offer healthy dishes on their menus. Members and workers of ULMA Group have visited each one of the ten restaurants in the campaign, where they were instructed on the choice of healthy plates in the daily menu.

ULMA Group´s Brand, Marketing and RSE Service has been in charge of carrying out the campaign, providing the member restaurants all of the necessary support for its proper development. With the aim of giving incentives to the Group´s partners and workers when choosing healthy, balanced dishes, last 5 March a special campaign was started, “11 Restaurants 11 Healthy menus” with an award going to the choice of said dishes with a weekly drawing for two people at each of the member restaurants.

Throughout the promotion’s 11 weeks it has received a total of 4,032 participations, a real success, and show the level of awareness that the ULMA collective has on the importance of a balanced diet. Furthermore, surveys where taken to get to know the user’s opinions on the campaign. A total of 246 surveys were taken, showing that 86% of the times a health option was chosen 2 and 3 times a week, showing that this initiative has been well received amongst partners and workers. In terms of the importance of healthy food, 84% of those surveyed considered that it was an important (37%) or very important (47%) factor. Finally, most of the suggestions were regarding the cuisine: cooking suggestions, what foods to include in the menus or the types of dishes to expand on variety.


“I used to work in Otxandiano and now I’ve come here to learn new jobs, so I’ve been eating out every day for two months. Until two weeks ago, I just ate what I liked, and didn’t use the healthy option. But two weeks ago I got a blood test and I have high cholesterol, so since then I take the healthy option every day. In my opinion, the campaign is very good for people who have to take care of their diet. Restaurants usually offer similar dishes, but they fill you up less and are tastier. I think that this campaign should stay on forever.”


“I eat out every day and since the campaign has started, I usually go by what the restaurants say and try to eat a varied meal. The campaign is very good since in my opinion you have to re-learn to eat, and in this sense, any variety in meals is good. And we have seen changes in menus, even though I think that before starting the campaign there were options, and the menus were healthy. I don’t have any suggestions for improvement because I think that in general the things were done well.”

GORKA GONZALEZ - ULMA Architectural Solutions

“Weekdays I eat out every day, but only go to restaurants every two weeks, more or less. Healthy menus are good, I personally keep them in mind. Regarding the campaign, I think that in general we all have the same perception; I would say that normally when you go to a restaurant you eat more of the same stuff, and with this campaign you try eating fewer calories.”