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Business Presidents, Social Transformation

We wanted to gauge the opinion of the Presidents of the ULMA Group’s Businesses on the debate process that they have opened in recent months.
Business Presidents, Social Transformation
Nov 22, 2017

Some of you have been Presidents for longer than others in the different businesses of the cooperatives, so we would like to know about your experience.

R.G.: For me it is a great experience. I have been in the post for more than six years and I have had the opportunity to learn many things from many people. I hold several President posts - which is very enriching, although you always have that point of frustration because you are in an institutional environment and decision-making capacity is limited. You see lots of things that you would like to change, but management is in the hands of other people, so in that sense it is limited.

L.D.G.: I have been in post for two and a half years and my experience is also very enriching. This is also complemented by my having been 19 years already in ULMA, in ULMA Packaging in particular. I come from a technical area, highly focused on technology, projects, with a limited relationship with customers. The President role has given me a better overall view of what the cooperative is and has brought me much closer to the ULMA Group, which was formerly somewhat distant.


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