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Begira OnLine, the latest at ULMA on the web and on your smartphone

BEGIRA Online is the web platform from which the most current information about ULMA can be accessed quickly and conveniently. BEGIRA Online is a resource for ULMA information.
Begira OnLine, the latest at ULMA on the web and on your smartphone
Jul 21, 2016

The platform contains reports, news about the Group and businesses, a repository for the Begira journal, annual reports and interviews with various figures in the daily life of ULMA, among other content. BEGIRA, in addition to being the resource platform for ULMA information, is also the place where workers can express themselves and contribute their perspective.

The information is divided into different sections so that navigation is very simple and intuitive. The sections include:


| Present.
Atal honetan ULMA Taldearen eta bere negozioen gaineko gaurkotasuneko gaiak kontsultatu ditzakegu. Azken orduko albisteak.
| Commentary.
This section offers a close perspective of different ULMA workers, the many projects the business are involved in, and activities organised by ULMA and the Foundation, etc.
As the name suggests, this section contains interviews with people from all areas within ULMA.
In this section the General Manager of the ULMA Group has the baton. From time to time, there is an opportunity to view his editorial.
|News library.
This section contains all issues of the BEGIRA magazine in PDF format available for download.


In addition to these sections, the right side of the page offers access to additional content such as the Group’s Annual Report, suggestions, links to the websites of the businesses, etc.

And if that were not enough, all the information is available in three languages; Basque, Spanish and English. What more could you ask for?

Finally, from the platform also provides direct access to all social networks on which ULMA is present so that you can actively collaborate and thus strengthen the company’s digital brand image.

BEGIRA Online is available from any browser, either on your PC or your Smartphone, so take this opportunity to keep up with everything happening at ULMA, quickly and conveniently at your fingertips.

Don’t wait any longer to dive into the ULMA universe through BEGIRA Online, your information portal for keeping you up-to-date with everything happening in your company.

Are you familiar with Begira Online? Do you use the platform to find out the latest news from ULMA or do you use other channels? What do you think of the platform? Is there anything missing?