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Young people from the Oñati Zuazola Institute visit ULMA

Forty young people aged 14 and 15 visited ULMA on 23 March, following the invitation by the Human Resources area with the aim of showing them our company from inside.
Young people from the Oñati Zuazola Institute visit ULMA
Apr 16, 2018

It is the second edition of this event, organised to show them the jobs with an industrial profile available within ULMA and the studies that can be done to obtain that profile.

They are young students who must soon choose a path between sciences, humanities or arts, and the objective of the meeting was precisely to open their eyes to industrial careers and to make them aware of the needs of cooperatives in the environment regarding this type of profile.

For that, they heard the voice of people from the different businesses of ULMA with an Engineering and Professional Training profile in the fields of ​​welding, machining, machine assembly, maintenance, etc., who explained in their testimonies what studies they were attending at the time, what position they occupy at ULMA, what their daily activities are like, and what kinds of functions and tasks they perform. These testimonies allowed a better understanding of the reality and the daily activities of industrial jobs. There was a turn for questions, in which they were also able to clarify some doubts. We would like to thank these people for their assistance.

Afterwards, there was a room for action, and they played a few sports activities (gymkhana) in teams. They went through five tests related to the issues of the different jobs, and the winning team won tickets to visit the Science Museum in Donostia.

They enjoyed the visit and left with a more concrete idea of ​​what things are like at ULMA, this major cooperative of which they may be a part in a few years.