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ULMA takes part in the KORRIKA

With the participation of hundreds of thousands of people, running in an unbroken chain as they pass on a baton symbolising the Basque language, the KORRIKA is the world’s greatest language-promoting event. The run covered a total of 2,501 kilometres in eleven days and ten nights, aiming to unite most of the Basque Country’s cities, towns and villages.
ULMA takes part in the KORRIKA
Apr 08, 2015

ULMA also took part in this popular event, as the race crossed Oñati and Lazkao. The workers were asked to make a voluntary contribution of €5, entitling the group to carry the baton and lead the race for one kilometre. The ULMA workers’ contributions totalled €2,370 which enabled them to purchase a total of 3 kilometres.

The KORRIKA passed through Lazkao in the early hours of the morning on March 23, with Jon Aldasoro from ULMA Lazkao Forging carrying the baton for the first kilometre. At dawn, ULMA Handling Systems workers Bitor Munarriz and Unai Bautista (both students attending ULMA’s Basque Language Plan classes) and ULMA Group Chairman Raúl García were given the opportunity to carry the mysterious message that has travelled all over the Basque Country.

As a token of gratitude, the participants supporting this good cause were entered into a prize draw for 10 Korrika T-shirts, which as stated by Lorea Agirre when reading the message “is more of a public and group (global) issue than something private and personal (local). The future of the Basque language is an initiative that affects us all, and we should carry it everywhere.”