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ULMA Piping helps modernise one of Peru’s largest oil refineries

Jun 05, 2015
The refurbishment works for the Talara refinery in Peru are one of ULMA Piping’s largest current projects, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed engineering, procurement & construction firms (EPCs).

The project’s feasibility plan envisages investment of $3.5bn, and it will receive a state subsidy of 72%. This ambitious project will contribute to reducing the plant’s environmental impact while enabling a considerable increase in its capacity, from the 65,000 barrels per day it currently produces to an expected 95,000.

The last extension of the Talara refinery, which belongs to the state company Petroperú, was made in 1965 and it continues to work with equipment  installed in the 1950s, at which time it was run by the firm Standard Oil Company. The refinery occupies an area of 128.9 hectares, and its modernisation includes the design and construction and support for implementation of the crude oil processing equipment and facilities, for which ULMA Piping’s involvement will consist of the tailored design and the supply of flanges.

In an estimated 55 months the Talara refinery will begin to produce higher quality diesel fuel and petrol, in line with Peru’s new environmental requirements, and the new installations will thus guarantee a significant reduction in emissions and also seawater desalination, ensuring the protection of the area’s water resources.

Crude oil refining and natural gas processing and purification, known as “downstream” operations, are carried out by the target sector of most of the companies with which ULMA Piping works, providing tailored solutions endorsed by over 50 years’ experience.

ULMA Piping helps modernise one of Peru’s largest oil refineries