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ULMA Piping continues developing its spool manufacture

Mar 27, 2014
ULMA Piping has achieved its first large order for spools coated with anti-corrosion alloy. A spool is a customised element consisting of flanges, elbows and piping, used to transport fluids.

Spools are usually manufactured with steel or stainless steel elements.

However, they require a special coating for certain corrosive fluids to meet the required guarantee.

This coating layer is achieved using a metal alloy with a high percentage of nickel using a complex GTAW welding technique.

The level of specifications and certification is usually very high in projects of this nature.

In fact, regarding this order, there are only 4 companies in the world certified to carry out this task, and ULMA Piping is one of them.

This is therefore a milestone in market access for coated spools.

ULMA Piping continues developing its spool manufacture