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ULMA, once again demonstrates its solidarity

ULMA Foundation ends its Sahara school material collection campaign with excellent results. The campaign has been running throughout the months of March and April at all ULMA cooperatives.
ULMA, once again demonstrates its solidarity
May 12, 2016

The campaign was very positively received. We have finished collecting all of the material that you have provided via the different cooperatives and the results are spectacular. 
The image shows a small sample of the material that we have provided. New and used material, all suitable for shipment shortly to its destination in Algeria, where the Saharan camps are located. 
The Hermansoloña (Hermanamientos solidarios de Oñati) NGO is currently working under the lead of retired ULMA member Jose Antonio Urteaga, together with a group of Saharan's to classify all of the material collected prior to an initial van shipment, which is set to depart Oñati within a few days for the camps at Tinduf. 
“We have collected much more than we dared imagine, ULMA is very charitable. The van we were going to send won't be big enough to transport all of the material at once. We are going to arrange for it to be sent in two batches, the next being to another more remote point at the Tinduf camps, in the province of Dagla, specifically the town of Gleibat El Fula, the twin town for Oñati. I would also like to send something to our twin town, which is 200 km further still.” These were the words of Jose Antonio Urteaga whilst he worked classifying the material at the Hermansoloña warehouse.

We specifically asked for rucksacks, do you remember? Its so nice to report that we have collected exactly 242 rucksacks! It is clear that the ULMA workforce is very sensitive to such collaboration requests and their response shows a high degree of solidarity. Solidarity that is not limited to the ULMA workforce, but which extended also to external contractors working for ULMA at the time of our campaign, and who have been very generous in joining this cause.

In the name of all the boys and girls that will be using your materials at the schools in the Tinduf camps, the ULMA Foundation would like to extend its heartfelt thanks for your amicability and generosity in providing this material, that is so valuable to them. As soon as the van arrives we will publish photos so you can see first hand how our help really does go all the way.