ULMA Handling Systems plays an active role in the development of INDUSTRY 4.0 — ULMA Begira

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ULMA Handling Systems plays an active role in the development of INDUSTRY 4.0

Mikel Altuna, Director of Innovation at ULMA Handling Systems has taken part in the round table organized by the newspaper DEIA, alongside professionals from different fields to discuss and analyse the broad horizon that has opened up in the light of the future of INDUSTRY 4.0.
ULMA Handling Systems plays an active role in the development of INDUSTRY 4.0
Apr 11, 2019

The digital transformation of industry, so-called Industry 4.0, involves the acceptance of a series of changes that come hand in hand with digital technologies. And industry is currently immersed in the transformation process led by digital tools, which can directly affect companies' strategies.

Mikel Altuna, Director of Innovation at ULMA, took part alongside Manuel Baraza, Director of Industry, Energy and Utilities at Ibermática, David Villares, Head of Purchasing at Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia, and Aitor Cobanera, Director of Innovation and Technology at SPRI, in the round table on Industry 4.0.

ULMA reaffirms its commitment to the technologies that make up Industry 4.0, which are value generating tools. "The transformation we are talking about goes even further, not only will it come from the use of technologies, but there must be a more open approach, a business approach", said Mikel Altuna.

"Those companies that have taken the leap to digital transformation but only from a technological point of view will not see much improvement". "It's a huge mistake", said Mikel during the conversation.

The four protagonists at the table agreed that all the tools and technologies that Industry 4.0 encompasses add value, and they discussed how all these technologies (robotics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology), have currently been democratized.

The logistics field is one of the great beneficiaries of the digital transformation as a result of the change that has occurred in the process to purchase any item or service. Mikel Altuna mentioned several examples: "We want more unitary, personalized products, shorter delivery times, free shipping... To achieve this goal, it is clear that we must work in the logistics or value chain, and along the way, we must rely on technology. Tools such as automation have been very helpful", said Mikel.