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ULMA Forklift Trucks Technical Service boosts its efficiency

The entire Technical Support Service (TSS) team will now have smartphones incorporating new functions to improve their work.
ULMA Forklift Trucks Technical Service boosts its efficiency
Jul 11, 2013

For ULMA Forklift Trucks, quality service is more than just a strategy: it’s an approach to work and the only way to create stable, lasting relationships with customers.

A year and a half after the TSS Online service was introduced, the results couldn’t be better. This innovative system was created as a management tool to help standardise and optimise the TSS work processes, but it is now entering its second phase with a host of innovations to aid the team in their day-to-day work, even more than before and with a firm focus on state-of-the-art technology.

Up to now, the technicians used digital pens and mobile phones as terminals for receiving call-out instructions by SMS. However, this was limiting the amount of data sent, preventing them from making the most of the system’s possibilities.

So, as from July 1, all the TSS team’s conventional mobile phones have been replaced by smartphones, so the technicians now not only benefit from e-mail communication but can also install specific apps to help them with their technical work.

Before now, SMS messages were used which limited the amount of information that could be sent by the TSS coordination team. From now on e-mails will be sent so that the alerts will contain additional information such as the customer’s current contract, whether the machine is under guarantee and the urgency of the alert. Digital documentation of all kinds can also be attached, with no delays and no waiting, making for a highly efficient system.

ULMA Forklift Trucks technicians can also receive information on the estimates sent to each customer from the central office, aiding follow-up, and detailed information on the spares they are due to receive the following day and the location of the office and the express couriers that will send them, so that they can plan for the next day’s work on the basis of these deliveries.

To round off the package of apps for their terminals, the traditional GPS devices have been replaced by a geo-location system that will also allow the coordination team to plan urgent breakdown alerts more effectively, quickly and coherently, as they can send them to the technician closest to the place of repair, drastically reducing customer waiting time and unproductive travelling time for technicians.

With these innovative improvements, ULMA Forklift Trucks confirm their commitment to remaining close to customers and to offering a quality service that is now even quicker and more efficient.