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ULMA announces its New Ceo for Brazil and Latin America

Cesar Fracalanza takes on the role, with the mission to reinforce the company's participation in projects in Brazil and its presence in Latin America
ULMA announces its New Ceo for Brazil and Latin America
Nov 24, 2016

ULMA Handling Systems has a new CEO for Brazil and Latin America: the engineer Cesar Fracalanza. The new executive's mission is to promote and strengthen ULMA's commercial activity in the Brazilian market and Latin American countries, transferring to these regions the experience that the Spanish multinational has in projects for different segments of action in Europe.

Cesar Fracalanza studied Industrial Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Supply Chain Design, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has worked intensively in the commercial area of companies like SDI Brazil, Symmetry Electronics and Indústrias Villares S.A., among others. He is a professional with extensive experience in sales and business development and solutions for retail, supply chain and logistics, consumer goods and the automotive industry. He also has experience in opening up new markets, defining strategies and actions to achieve the established objectives.

During his visit to Brazil in September of this year, the CEO of ULMA Handling Systems, Juan Jesús Alberdi once again displayed his confidence in the countries of the region and highlighted the need to have a local manager in charge of operations to ensure the needs are better understood and, therefore, better resolved with the most suitable solution.

"Hiring a Brazilian to direct operations in the region is a sign of the company's desire to be part of the local culture and to understand the specific challenges, opportunities and peculiarities to provide companies with the best solutions, safe in the knowledge that we are offering the best solution to suit the need presented. ULMA still believes in the region's potential, even though some countries are experiencing transitional economic and political situations" he added.

"My task within ULMA Handling Systems is to boost commercial activity in Brazil, identify and establish partners in Latin America to act locally and act to strengthen the brand," highlighted Fracalanza. "Our intention is to strengthen participation in projects for various segments of the economy, and to expand our institutional presence in the countries of the region on a sustained basis."