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SENSiA EX, designed to exceed all expectations

ULMA Forklift Trucks presents to the market the new series of multi-lateral reach trucks called SENSíA EX, a range of high-performance trucks, designed for a precise and intuitive handling of long and bulky loads of up to 2500 kg – and lifting for up to 10 meters – in narrow aisles.
SENSiA EX, designed to exceed all expectations
May 09, 2017

The new series also offers unbeatable manoeuvrability thanks to its six modes of movement, for optimum handling and efficient surface utilisation. It features four-wheel drive and brake, in addition to its powerful AC traction combine to deliver agile, high-intensity performance for longer work shifts.

With this new model, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks seeks not only to achieve a remarkable increase in productivity, maximising its performance and minimising its maintenance needs, but also to implement in the new models all the highly acknowledged and valued advances in terms of safety of use and ergonomics, such as the award-winning SENSIAT cabin – comfortable and spacious –, the SDS system – exclusive for Mitsubishi –, which detects whether the truck is being used abruptly or smoothly, and responds in a modulated way according to the situation, or its armrest, equipped with exclusive built-in touch control. This advanced four-finger hydraulic control allows picking, lifting, tilting and release in addition to steering and a horn, all with a simple touch of the operator’s fingers.

These incorporations make the experience of use exceed all expectations thanks to the safety of handling provided and the clear reduction of the operator’s fatigue, as well as the comfort, ergonomics and size of its innovative cabin.