• Ulma Handling Systems

SALTO signs up for Logistics Automation with the help of ULMA Handling Systems

May 16, 2017
ULMA Handling Systems has designed a comprehensive automated warehouse and order picking solution for the factory owned by SALTO, the leading firm in access control.

As innovation is one of SALTO's key factors for the future, the leading firm in access control has opted to automate its facilities located in Oiartzun, Guipúzcoa, thanks to the trust it has placed in the project designed by ULMA Handling Systems.

Devising an access control system that is easy to install and extremely efficient, offering users the possibility of being able to control all their access needs and securing all doors with no added difficulties or high costs, has always been SALTO's only goal, since its launch more than 15 years ago. Having revolutionised access control throughout the world in sectors where security is critical, today, SALTO is a worldwide benchmark in the access control industry and continues to offer the most advanced and innovative electronic locks on the market for the management of buildings, doors, keys and users.

ULMA Handling Systems has designed a complete automated order picking system for SALTO's distribution centre. Thanks to the logistics automation to be developed by ULMA, SALTO will improve the productivity of its logistics process, rationalise the use of available space, optimise its efficiency, improve the traceability of its products and, as a result, improve the service provided to its customers.

Once ULMA had analysed data from SALTO's global system, its goal was to design and develop an optimal solution for the leader in access control. SALTO's factory will have an automated warehouse that will be managed by 3 unit load stacker cranes with a capacity of more than 3,600 pallets. In addition, SALTO already has a small mini load warehouse of containers, and ULMA will integrate this system into a global solution.

The two warehouses will be communicated via an automated transport system and will have an order picking system with different picking stations.