New EDiA EM, the smartest, the most agile. — ULMA Begira

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New EDiA EM, the smartest, the most agile.

Mitsubishi’s new FB14-20A (C) N (T) 48V electric counterbalance forklifts series.
New EDiA EM, the smartest, the most agile.
Sep 14, 2018

ULMA Forklift Trucks presents to the market the new Mitsubishi EM EDiA this autumn. The smartest and one of the most resistant trucks on the market. The new version of the 48V series is composed of 3- and 4-wheel models with load capacities ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 tonnes.

Equipped with multiple and interesting options, it provides the manoeuvrability, power and reliability that are always expected from a Mitsubishi.

Designed and created for high performance, they work intuitively, adapting quickly to the individual characteristics of each operator, irrespective of their dexterity and size.

EDiA EM’s advanced software analyses behaviour in real time and automatically adjusts itself for safe but productive performance.

From now on, the staunch defenders of diesel trucks will have serious doubts because ULMA not only offers a line of trucks that is capable of working both indoors and outdoors, even in adverse conditions, but which also can exceed its diesel-fuelled equivalents and offer very low noise levels, minimum energy consumption, and unprecedented characteristics of safety and comfort for operators.